Roles Support for Azure Web Deploy

Azure Step deploy currently supports only Environment, but Roles support is crucial for advanced scenarios.


Thanks for reaching out.

Roles are a way to tag Targets/Tentacles. The Azure steps are not executed on Tentacles, but on the Octopus Server, and for that reason they don’t require a Roles scope field.

I’m interested in knowing a bit more about your advanced scenario. Perhaps there’s another way we can make it work without Roles.


Variables can be associated to an environment, roles or deployment target. Since azure steps can only be configured for environments, this becomes very vague. At least for me environment is something like: production, Qa, staging, etc.

Environments are not enough to specify whether that variable belongs to a particular project or not. A simple example, a variable for app.settings called approot. Each project would have their own approot. By simply associating approot variable to an environment is not enough to decide if that var is for project A or B because both projects have their own specific approot.

Not sure if I was clear enough. thx

Hi @nunes,

You’d probably like to read this RFC from last month. It is exactly what you are looking for:

looks great!! hope it gets a release date soon. thx