Role for just releasing


I am wanting to create a new group and assign them permissions to just be able to continue on the Manual Intervention part and do nothing else (seeing everything else is fine)

Is there a role that allows this or is there a way to create a role and give them custom permissions?

What I want to achieve is have a release that starts when the devs/admin (me) say so, Step 1 will email the test team then Step 2 will be a manual intervention then Step 3 onwards the actual release and I’d like this new/current role to be once they get that email, click the link to the Octopus Release, login and then click GO to approve the request.


Is it possible also to email members of a group rather than having to specify a list per project?


Thanks for reaching out. For teams to be able to bypass manual interventions, they don’t need a specific role, they just need to be declared as the Responsible Team (see attached screenshot). If you want this team to only be able to do this, grant them the bare minimum roles so they can reach the manual intervention screen. Creating a custom Team Role with the following roles should do the trick:


This link shows how to create a custom Team Role:

You can send the email to an Email Group instead of separate email addresses if you want. If you are asking about emailing all the members of an Octopus Team, that is not possible.



Hi Dalmiro

Thanks for that, I found the Custom Role but wasn’t sure what let them just to process the manual intervention, the closest I got was restricting them to deploying one project to a certain environment but I didn’t want them to be able to release all willy nilly.

And for the email yes I meant be able to email all the members of an Octopus Team. No worries, I’ll use an Exchange group and make sure I have it updated when people or added/removed to the Octopus role.