Risks of renaming Octopus Server?

There’s a good chance that our network group is going to have to change the computer name of the server that our Octopus Server resides on. What, if any, are the risks of doing this?

  • Does it change the footprint?
  • I assume that since our tentacles are “listening” that we don’t need to be concerned with anything on their end (unless the server footprint changes). Is this correct?
  • Do any config files need to change, either on the server or tentacles?
  • Anything else?


I do NOT work for octopus deploy but I do not think you would have a problem. We actually did a full migration from one server to a new server months ago and have not had any problems. Our change was even to a different datacenter and machine. (Granted we did a restore from backup scenario so a little different but IMO same concept) Everything is just stored in the configuration files and the only thing that was different was the server SQUID that was registered for the host had the hostname in it so that did not correlate anymore but functionally everything was perfect.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting in touch! Once an Octopus Server is installed everything is set in configuration files pretty much as Brent said. Just renaming the machine should not change the SQUID. The only thing that might cause issues is if you change the hostname or any DNS with the computer name. If you find anything fails with the Tentacles, resetting the connection should bring everything back up as the cert, thumbprint and SQUID should remain the same, so the tentacle will just recognize the change.

As with anything of this nature we recommend you take a backup directly before making any change.