Retrieving octopus aritfacts

We want to be able to retrieve octopus artifacts back to team foundation server and team city.

We run automatic smoke tests deployed with octopus, that give us octopus artifacts.
We can view the artifacts in octopus portal but would want to get them to team city and team foundation server instead.
What is the best way to do this?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reaching out!

The Octopus portal is completely API driven, so anything that you can see on or do with the UI is achievable via the API.

You can visit http://youroctopusserver/api/artifacts in your browser to see a list of all artifacts stored. From TeamCity, you could call the api to find all artifacts for a given deployment id (eg http://youroctopusserver/api/artifacts?regarding=Deployments-31), and then download each one of them in turn. The OctopusDeploy-Api repo on Github contains a bunch of examples about how to interact with the api.

Hope that helps!



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