Retention Policy When Nuget doesn't match Site Name

Our nuget package is named “Eleanor.Web”, but used for multiple deployments. So a multiple deployment steps named “SpecificSite.Web” will be deploying from “Eleanor.Web”.

I can see in the log files that it is applying the retention policy and deleting old packages files named Project_Web, but we are still running out of space because of leftover folders named after the specific site… d:\Octopus\Applications\EnvironmentName\SpecificSite.Web\Version_1, etc.

Here’s part of the log:

10:01:16 Info | Processing retention policy
10:01:16 Verbose | Retention policy will keep 5 items
10:01:16 Verbose | Removing old installation: d:\Octopus2\Applications\dev\Eleanor.Web\2.5.2015043002.10442_8

Is there anything we can do about this?

Hi Jake,

Thanks for getting in touch. The wonderful Vanessa has just added an entire page on Troubleshooting Tentacle Retention Policies which I think will help in your situation. Take a good read through the Retention Policies documentation too, it goes into some detail on what we can/can’t/will/won’t delete based on a “be safe, not reckless” approach.

Taking a look at your specific situation, are you using a Custom Installation Directory? If so we will never delete from that directory during retention policies. This can be purged during deployment in the project step settings. But it is assumed this will have a working release in it. (Excerpt from Retention Policies)

If this doesn’t help clear things up for you feel free to get back in touch and I’ll do my best to help out.

Hope this helps.