Retention Policy on Custom Installation Directory

I am currently using a custom Installation directory to deploy our websites to that takes the form of #{DeployLocation}\#{Octopus.Release.Number} whereby DeployLocation is a custom variable that points to something like D:\WebSites\SiteName.

This gives me a deployment folder structure like:




I also get Octopus to update IIS to point the site path to the latest deploy location so IIS would now be pointing to This process works great, but I was wondering if there’s any way to tie this into the retention policy process so that old versions (e.g. can be cleaned up.

I can see that Octopus extracts the package and performs all the config transforms etc in its own installation directory (e.g. D:\Octopus\Applications\<Environment>\<PackageName>\<PackageVersion> which is subject to the retention policy cleanup process so I can revert back to using that path and doing away with the custom installation path, but just wanted to know if there was a way to get this to work before I did so.


Hi Casey,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately at the moment this is not possible.
We have however created an item in UserVoice to address this (and other custom folders) for the retention policy to clean up.

Feel free to vote and add a comment here!