Retention of packages not in any release but referenced by a Runbook

We’ve been enthusiastically working with the new Runbooks feature, but we got bitten by retention policies. We made a Runbook for deploying certain machine-wide configuration files to a selection of targets on demand, and that Runbook relies on a zip package we uploaded of the files that might be in use on any of the machines. However, a week or two later, the package got deleted by the Retention policy, because the package was not attached to any Project and therefore not part of any Release.

Is there any method, released or planned, for marking a package as “don’t delete it!” when it’s not attached directly to any Project step?

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your message!

At this time I’m afraid the you’ll need to reference the package from a project in order to prevent it being deleted. I’ve raised this with our engineering team to look into -


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