Restore on newer version

On my machine is installed OD is 2.3.3 and I want to move it on new machine. So I took the backup and saved the master key. Now on new machine I want to install OD Version 2.6.0 and then do restore. So my question is can I do restore on newer OD version, or I need first to install the same version 2.3.3 and restore and then update to 2.6.0.


One more thing. During installation OD I need to set some configuration like:

for Storage:
Folder where the data will be save

for Web Portal:
HTTP port, and Virtual Directory

for Authentication:
Username and New password

Will this configuration be overwritten with configuration from old installation when I do restore? So basically during installation I don’t need to be worried what I choose for those configuration because it will be set up from the backup?


Hi Jasmin,

Thanks for getting in touch! You will need to restore to the same version and then upgrade. You will also need to go through the restore, and upgrade before making any changes to your configuration.

Hope that helps!