REST API - Add tags to a tagset - Octopus.Client.dll


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Hello there,
I am trying to use Powershell to automate the creation of new environments/target machines and so tags mapped to the single tagset (in my scenario).
I have tried using Octopus.Client.dll. I can export the tagset with all the Tags, but I don’t know how to create a new tag and map to it. (I need probably to modify the existing tagset with the new tag in the instruction)…
Thank you for your help.
I am going insane :smiley:

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Hi Lucio,

Deep apologies for the terrible delay here! Somehow this thread slipped through the cracks of our support process :(. Hope you are still sane!

Give this script a try and let me know how it goes:


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Hi Dalmiro,
thanks for your reply.
I tried the instructions provided, and now I have the new tag in the $tagset.tags list, but if I check on the webpage I cannot find the created tag in the tagset.
PS: I have filled all the fields (apart the description).
Thank you for your time.

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Hi Lucio,

Can you believe I forgot to add the line that saves the changes to the TagSet?

I just added it in github :). Go back to that same link and grab the latest version.

Sorry about that!


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Hi Dalmiro.
It’s perfect. Thank you indeed.

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