Reset release version for deploy

How to reset release version in octopus deploy ?
we have deploy in testing state with increase release version.
How can reset and delete old release version to start it new.
Also want to reset Package version, how can I do it?


Hi MinChanSike,

Thanks for getting in touch! To “Reset” the release version, you would need to delete all of the releases for the project. However, we do not advise this as it can potentially cause other issues.
As for resetting the package version, if you could give us some more detailed information on how you create your packages we can give you a better answer here.

If you were to use a –test tag for future test version of your package, you could go through the test releases and be able to use a non-tagged version for your full-release. This will mean you do not have to keep deleting releases.

We have some fantastic documentation on this subject over here:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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