Rerun import of 1.6 database into 2.0 installation


I have successfully installed version 2.0 and imported our 1.6 database. I then went on to make a few changes to our set up to take advantage of new version 2.0 features.

Before I was able to upgrade the tentacles and move over to the new version we had to do some emergency releases which means that there is new data in our old set up.

What is the best way for me to proceed now? Can I rerun the import over this existing installation or do I need to wipe it and start again? If I do need to start again how should I do this?

Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon,

Unfortunately re-importing the old Octopus backup will overwrite the data in your new database - it’s not a good idea. I think it would be best to either manually make the changes in the 2.0 instance or do a new import.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback. I guessed that I would need to start from scratch after importing the data again and I am OK with that.

Can you just confirm that I should just take another backup from 1.6 and import it into 2.0 as I wasn’t clear on what you were saying was not a good idea?

Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon,

I’d suggest the following - if I’ve understood correctly:

  • Take a backup of both 1.6 and 2.0 databases; make sure you have the 2.0 server’s Master Encryption Key backed up “just in case”
  • Open Octopus Manager for Octopus 2.0 and Stop the Windows Service
  • Delete the Octopus 2.0 database at C:\Octopus\OctopusServer\RavenDB or its equivalent, by removing the entire folder
  • From Octopus Manager again, Start the Windows Service and verify that a new database gets created in the same location as the folder just deleted
  • Import the new 1.6 backup via the 2.0 Octopus Manager

This will get you a completely new Octopus 2.0 installation with the 1.6 data re-imported.

Hope this helps,