Repository retention: set from 30 days (default I think) to 2 days

Hi all,

We have the problem that our disk is filling up with deployment packages, especially when we’re in a heavy development stage where a new build is kicked out rather quickly with every checkin.

Of course one solution is expanding the disk space. But I also noticed there is the repository retention for packages not associated with deployments. This seems to be the thing I actually need.

So I kicked it from 30 days to 2 days. Now the question? It says its being automatically applied. But is this a times event? or … Bascily I was looking to kick it in manually so our space is cleaned out.

Or … do I just wait it out … and it will all be done tomorrow?


  • jw

Hi Fransen,

Thanks for getting in touch! Retention policies are run from the Octopus Server every 4 hours, so by now it should have run.

You can read more about Retention Policies here:

Hope that helps!


Thanks, all done indeed. Proces has kicked in nicely and diskspace has been recovered.