Remove Package from Built in NuGet server


Is there a way to remove a package from the built in NuGet server? I’m trying to publish a package that has a lower version than the currently stored package and the Octopus Deploy NuGet server doesn’t appear to accept it.


I found a solution but I’m not sure if this is going to bite me later.

I simply deleted the nupkg from the local storage found at:

{Octopus install dir}\OctopusServer\Repository\Packages{Package Name}

If this is the wrong thing to do let me know.


We need to know the proper solution to this as well. Given the nuget server was just added, we’re hoping that admin features for the nuget server are not too far off.

Thanks all, we’re going to address this in an upcoming release:

Deleting the packages from the file system is safe though - the server monitors changes on the file system and should update its index accordingly.