Releases missing from Octopus

Currently running Octopus Deploy A release was created from TFS on Friday, but it was deleted/removed/disappeared at some point. Today, we recreated it successfully, but wondering where it went. The audit log doesn’t show the release being deleted. Should we upgrade our Octopus since we aren’t on the latest?

36 minutes ago tolr0 Release 4.10.18 was created (We could recreate the release and it worked fine)

3 days ago tolr0 Release 4.10.18 was modified (hide details)
“Version”: “4.10.18”,
“ReleaseNotes”: null"TK-05500 - Modified the Data access layer to correctly map the CUSIP and modified the GetSecurityBloombergInfo sproc to include ISINID",
“Assembled”: “2014-08-01T21:13:05.9220529+00:00”,
“ProjectId”: “projects-35”,
“VersionByProject”: “projects-35/4.10.18”,
“ProjectVariableSetSnapshotId”: “variableset-projects-35-snapshot-2”,
“ProjectDeploymentProcessSnapshotId”: “deploymentprocess-projects-35-snapshot-3”,
“LibraryVariableSetSnapshots”: [],
“SelectedPackages”: [
“StepName”: “Deploy Database”,
“Version”: “4.10.18”
3 days ago TFS_AutoCreate Release 4.10.18 was created

Clicking on 4.10.18 in the line ‘3 days ago TFS_AutoCreate Release 4.10.18 was created’ leads to:
The resource ‘releases-1288’ was not found. ( Warning 2014-08-04 10:01:12

Our retention policy is as follows, although it doesn’t appear we are hitting these constraints:
IB Retention
Undeployed releases: Keep 3 releases
Deployed releases: Keep all
Tentacle deployments: Keep 10 releases

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch! A quick way to check if it was picked up by the retention policy is to check the task in the task log. It will show everything that the retention policy has deleted.
If you could confirm by checking any retention policy task that the limits weren’t met and this wasn’t deleted as an ‘undeployed release’.

Please let me know what you find.