Releases and history missing after upgrade to 2.0

It appears that I’m missing releases and project history after the migration from 1.6 to 2.0. Several of my older projects where I haven’t created a release in several months now show no releases or history at all. Does the import from 1.6 to 2.0 only bring in data within a certain time period?

Hi James,

An earlier version of the Octopus 1.6 migrator exhibited a bug much like this - can you please let us know which 2.0 build you used to perform the upgrade?


I used version

I’m seeing the same issue as James; I believe this is due to the migrated instance being downgraded to the Community license which only allows for five active projects. I have since upgraded our license, but the projects which were excluded previously haven’t had their release history restored, although they appear to be otherwise functioning normally.

I think it would be very useful to have some warning displayed regarding the licensing issue when importing from a 1.6 instance.

Hi - Gary, the RC builds don’t enforce any licensing limits currently.

James, I would guess this is related to: – fixed in 2.0.11.

If you’re not using a “count-of-items” retention policy then we will need to dig deeper.


Thanks, Nick. After checking our pre-upgrade instance, it seems that (in our case, at least) the 2.0 is actually honouring the defined retention policy correctly, while 1.6 wasn’t - thus keeping builds that should’ve actually expired.

Ah - makes sense. Thanks for closing the loop.