Release 'x.y.z' already exists for this project

We are running into an intermittent issue where the Octopus Release creation step from our ADO pipeline is failing with the error "Release 'x.y.z' already exists for this project"
It happens intermittently across various projects. If we re-run the ADO pipeline, the release creation goes through successfully. I made sure the version template is correct, no leading or trialing spaces

We are using Octopus Server version 2022.3.10594

Hi @dvarma,

Thanks for getting in touch! Intermittent issues can often be challenging to resolve, but I have some ideas to get started on troubleshooting this problem.

To begin, I though I’d mention the more common causes of this kind of error, though they typically produce issues consistently rather than intermittently.

We often see this when Automatic Release Creation has been configured in Octopus. The build server might push a package to Octopus and the release is automatically created before the build server can run the create-release command. To rule this out, would you be able to confirm whether the projects encountering this error are configured for ARC?

Is there any consistency between the projects which encounter this error? If it’s intermittent but occurring on the same set of projects, that could be helpful to know, for context.

It might be helpful to check the Audit logs on your Octopus server to see if you can find any events which show the release being created, then match it to the time this error occurred in the ADO build logs.

If the above doesn’t help, I think the best next step would be to send us a copy of your build logs from ADO where you see this error, and the re-deploy immediately after which succeeds. There might be some further helpful information in that comparison.

I’ve authorised your email address to upload files to the following secure location. Files here are automatically removed after a short time and only accessible by Octopus staff.

Let me know how you go here.

If you have any further questions or thoughts on this, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

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