Release Won't Stop Cancelling

I have a project that won’t deploy because it says it is “Waiting for the following task to complete:” The task it is waiting on is an old release that says “Cancelling”. It has been “cancelling” for a couple days now. Also, just today I have deleted this release and still it says “Cancelling”. If I click the link I go to a page that says “The resource ‘releases-70’ was not found.” I am now on “Octopus Deploy”

I ended up manually updating the appropriate ServerTask to status:“Canceled”. This allowed my deployments to continue.

Thanks for sharing your solution William!


I am having the same issue when I cancel a deploy that is in the process of running a Powershell script as a Process step. On the Server Manager of the server that is being deployed to under the Events section there is this warning: WARN Deployment mutex started up with ‘Running script ‘#New-Item …’’ holding it.

The only way I have found to do another deploy to this server is to completely uninstall the tentacle and then reinstall.


We’ve recently released Octopus 2.3 with significant PowerShell cancellation improvements, and have posted with improvements to how the server-side tasks are cancelled. Can you please confirm the version that you’re on, and if possible, move to 2.3.4?