Release notes with OctoPack?

Is it possible to include a short release note when using OctoPack? I checked the syntax and it’s not clear.

I’d prefer to be able to do this inline vs a text file, but I can use the latter if it’s the only option.

Hi Michael,

Using Octopack its only possible using a file with p:OctoPackReleaseNotesFile=..\ReleaseNotes.txt


Does the file have to be in that exact location? Or can it be referenced by a full path?

It can be referenced by full path. Did you try it already and it didn’t work by any chance?

I did not try it. I was hoping that I could just enter some text right on the command line, since we are driving the build from a Powershell script. But I can also create a text file with Powershell, not a big deal.