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Hi Octopus Support

I’m wanting to find out how do I pass Jenkins “Release notes” as per image below to octopus

I am able to pass the version notes, but no option for the release notes


Greetings! Based on your screenshots, I can assume that you have the Jenkins Octopus Deploy plugin installed, which is great! The plugin contains a task within it specifically to pass the release notes which will contain the commits for that version. To add this, click on Add build step and choose Octopus Deploy: Push build information


Fill in the task form with your values

Once the task has completed, the build information will appear in your Library → Build Information tab

The packages listed will contain the commits associated with them. Hope this helps!



Hi Shawn

How will this make release notes available for a project?

from the below you can see that when i generate a jenkins build and it gets pushed to octopus, the release version number displays but im not sure how to push release notes using jenkins?

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Hey there! That’s a fair question, the build information is automatically included in Release Notes. For example, here is the Build Information for the petclinic.web application

When a Release is created, these notes show up as Release notes when you include a Release Notes template such as

#{each workItem in Octopus.Release.WorkItems}#{if Octopus.Template.Each.First == "True"}WorkItems:#{/if}
- [#{workItem.Id}](#{workItem.LinkUrl}) - #{workItem.Description}

#{each package in Octopus.Release.Package}
- #{package.PackageId} #{package.Version}
#{each commit in package.Commits}
    - [#{commit.CommitId}](#{commit.LinkUrl}) - #{commit.Comment}

If you’re wanting to supply release notes versus using the build information, you would use the --releaseNotes= or --releaseNotesFile switches (Create release - Octopus Deploy). The Jenkings plugin uses the CLI so any CLI arguments can be specified in the Advanced Options section. For example

Hope this helps!



thank you shaun.

My issue is resolved :slight_smile:

Excellent! Happy to help :slight_smile: