Release Name truncating on dashboard in Octopus 3.0.*

We are having an issue with the shorter release names on the dashboard since upgrading to Octopus 3. We typically have some long release names because of versioning and including the branch name in the release. Since the dashboard no longer shows the full release name we are unable to tell what’s actually in our environments without clicking on the release and looking at the details on the next screen. It would be nice to at least have the ability to mouse over the release name on the dashboard and see the full name if it’s truncated.


Hi Ken,

Sorry to hear the new dashboard is giving you troubles. Would you mind sharing me an example of your release name and a screenshot of how you see on the screen? Also please let me know which exact version of octopus 3.0 are you running.



Also having this issue with 3.0.4.

Our release numbers match our software version numbers which have a numbering scheme that overflows the limit of the dashboard.

Even though I’ve got a large monitor, the dashboard is still only taking up half the screen and then truncating the release names.

Setting a fixed width on the th of 200px and a text-overflow:ellipsis does make the dashboard look nicer because all the project group table columns consistently line up now, but for our release names it simply cuts everything off.

I have overcome this with a custom Stylish override to bump the column width up a bit in chrome. i.e:

table.matrix th {

.deployment-square .version {
 text-overflow: inherit;

.deployment-square {
 width: inherit;   

Hi Dalmiro,

The server is running 3.0.4 and I have seen this behavior in all the previous versions

Right now the release names are similar to “1.2015.192.1-Team-01” (Team-01 being the branch in the VCS). We will be changing to semantic versioning soon but because we have so many branches it would still be similar to “2.1.0-Team-01” or “2.1.1-ReleaseStagging”


Thanks both for the info. I’ve created a github issue for this