Release name not using SemVer

Is it possible to create a release that does not use SemVer pattern?

It would make more sense in my company to align our Octopus release names to our change management system record names. Also I don’t have control over the version names.

Release CH0000123 is to deploy:

  • webapp to web servers
  • batchapp to batch servers

The only way I could see around this currently is to stay within the SemVer pattern and use build metadata: 1.0.0-CHQ100000123

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch! You cannot use anything but a SemVer pattern when creating releases.
Customers in this situation do as you are and add a hyphen and their required text or numbers to get a result that suits them.

Sorry if that is bad news!


It doesn’t look like Octopus follows the semver version format exactly. For instance, the version “1.1.0-RC.1” will be rejected by octo create-release, while being valid according to the semver spec as far as I can tell.

If I remove that last period and use “1.1.0-RC1” it appears to work…

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the report. Yep, we are aware of the 2 semver areas that Octopus currently needs to extend for. You can track the issue here.