Release creation - The resource was not found

Hi Guys,

I am facing a problem here while creating a release I get “The resource was not found”. See attached. I noted that this topic has been raised before but the solution provided does not work for me. My Package has a well defined NuSpec.

If I manually upload the same package then it works but when I use it via the External Feeder I am able to access it while creating the package and it fails when after creating the release and shows this exception.

We are currently evaluating Octopus to see if help us with our CI needs.

Hi Akinyemi,

Thanks for getting in touch! What external package feed are you using? It looks like it might not be configured correctly. gives a bit of information about the configuration requirements.
Are you able to browse to your repository and/or search for the package that Octopus cannot find?


Can’t access it

The_resource.txt (27 Bytes)


Thanks for getting in touch. What is it exactly that you cannot access?