Registering Tentacle removes previous


I’m using the free version of Octopus to evaluation how we might use it going forward. I’m integrating this into AWS such that each server that spins up in the cloud registers itself with the Octopus server and a particular role. This all works great, but I’m finding when the second server registers it knocks out the first - leaving only one machine attached to the environment instead of 2.

I’m using the guide on your Automated Tentacle installation documentation to automate the registration of the servers. Any idea whats going on here?


Hi Mike,

The registration feature checks if a machine with the same name already exists, and if so, it replaces it (vs. adding a new one). My guess is that your cloned VM has the same name.

You could try making sure each machine gets a unique name, or when you call the registration command, you can pass “–name” to specify an alternative name for the server (it doesn’t have to match the machine name in Windows).


Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m using Amazon instances, and you’re right it appears they were using the same name. I updated my script to pass the instance-id as name, and it’s working OK now.