Reducing the default number of service and app pool start retries for ‘autostart’ services and app pools


A few times we have had Production runtime service accounts locked out due to Octopus attempting to start an installed service (or AppPool) 3 times.

My issue is that the developers doing the deployment get scuppered\delayed and need to call in IT when the production account gets locked out, and I want to prevent this happening.

I would ideally like to change Octopus’s default Windows service and IIS AppPool autostart behaviour to only try to start a process once. Is this possible? The default behaviour seems to be 3 retries.

Failing this, I guess we will have to explicitly ( 1. stop | 2. install - autostart| 3. start – once ) every service and web app to avoid this situation, but I would prefer to avoid this as we have more than 100 projects going into Production and a global behaviour change would suit us 100%.

Many thanks,
Mark Derman
Direct Axis


OK it looks like the scenarios in question were all when Production runtime credentials were incorrect, so locking out the account is actually appropriate, and we in fact don’t have a need to change the number of autostart attempts by default.

You can close the ticket.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch and outlining the resolution here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns in the future. :slight_smile:

Best regards,