Redgate - Override default comparison options

Redgate Documentation states: If you don’t specify the default argument, only the options you do specify apply.

When setting options in Octopus Deploy for the Redgate deployment configuration, even though I specify comparison options, without specifying default it still adds the default parameters.

Is there a way around that


Thanks for reaching out! This seems more related to the way the template works, than whit Octopus itself.The RedGate team is behind that particular template, so I recommend you to ask them instead. They know a lot a bout Octopus too ;).

You can reach them at, or if you want I can get in touch with them and ask them to join this thread.

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Hi Dalmiro.
I can use negative Options in the command line. So if you want to exclude a default option you can use the ‘-’ flag.

i.e. -IncludeDependencies.