RedGate Create Release not connecting

I have one web app with Sql back end. Both are Azure.
There are 3 test, Staging and Production environments.
The RedGate steps used to work.
But now fail to connect to the database via Octopus.
I can connect using the RedGate scripts using PowerShell.
I have tried replacing the variables with fixed values for username and password.
It just stopped connecting via Octopus.
Any ideas?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Could you please send us the full task log showing the connection errors you’re seeing and let us know what version of Octopus you are running?

When you say that you can connect using the RedGate scripts using PowerShell, is this PowerShell running from the same server Octopus is running from (eg. same IP address)? I was just wondering if there any firewall restrictions on your Azure database servers that may denying Octopus’ IP address?

Could you also please send us a copy of the RedGate scripts you’re using and we’ll try and reproduce this on our end.

Mark S.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have an Azure Virtual Machine (called CIDeploy) with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy installed on it. Together with SQL Server etc.

TeamCity is running nicely and running Unit Tests and creating Artefacts.

Octopus was running fine on the series of Environments with the Azure Test Subscription – but failed to work on the first attempt at using it in the Azure Live Subscription and the Production database.

I couldn’t get the Production to work and eventually got the RedGate SQL Release to run under Powershell.
(The Powershell was run on the CIDeploy machine and picked up the Artefact from TeamCity).

Investigating further – I could not connect to any of the Test Environments either.

I assume that I have changed something – but I can’t find it!

Attached it the Raw Log. ServerTasks-3481.log.txt Rob from RedGate though it was finding the server but failing to authenticate the database.

The PowerShell Script is attached DLM-Release.txt – also attached PowerShell-Run.txt is a copy of the first bit of the PowerShell output showing it connecting to the DevelopmentTest database. So this is connecting through the Azure Firewall OK from the CIDeploy machine.

Attached is a screen shot VariableSet-Basic.png of the Variable Set “Basic Configuration” with the Username and Passwords.

The Health Checks are OK as well.

The original problems occurred with Octopus version 3.1 – I have upgraded to 3.3.10 and the problem is the same.

I’m sorry but I’ve run out of ideas!

I hope you can help.

Best Regards

Andy Collinson
CliniSafe Ltd

DLM-Release.txt (935 Bytes)

ServerTasks-3481.log.txt (11 KB)

PowerShell-Run.txt (1 KB)


I think I found my mistake.

I had renamed the Azure Subscription – and not updated the Variables.
The Test Subscription is now working – so I assume the Production will as well.

Sorry to have troubled you.

Many thanks anyway,


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the update. I’m glad you figured out the issue :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any issues with your Production subscription.