RedGate Comparison options

I have TeamCity build the NuGet package for my DB deployment scripts. Under Octopus, I see RedGate plugin and its “Comparison Option”. Somehow, Octopus is re-comparing with it own default RedGate Comparison option. How can I Exclude DB Objects if we want to under Octopus?

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Hi HP,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately this is something that you’re gonna have to ask to the Red-Gate team. You can reach them out at



Hi Dalmiro,
Thank you for your response.
But, is there any way to add “Switches” to the “Comparison Options”? I see Powershell file name “Octopus.Features.ReadGateDatabase_BeforePostDeploy.ps1” on my server created by Octopus. Is there anyway to add more variable to this file and enter those value via Octopus Variable box?

Hi HP,

It looks like you’re trying to do a partial deployment and it seems that the plugin wasn’t designed to do that. Effectively, you want to run the SQL Compare executable with a custom command line and to do that you’ll need a Powershell script that can do that for you.

You might be interested in a product we’ve currently got in beta - SQL Release - which will work with Octopus Deploy and is a bit more powerful than the existing plugin. It provides a series of Powershell cmdlets for database deployment and should be able to do what you want it to do.

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Rob Clenshaw
Product Support Engineer
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