Redeploy release with Octo C# API

I have created an octopus projet that publish powerBI reports to PowerBI.Com
I need to redeploy the last release each sunday
My customer have an old version of Octopus (4.1.9)

This portion of code does not work
var deployment = repository.Deployments.Create(
new DeploymentResource()
ReleaseId = latestRelease.Id,
ProjectId = latestRelease.ProjectId,
ChannelId = latestRelease.ChannelId,
EnvironmentId = envId
It seems I need to configure space but i don’t have this option in Octopus Server (old version)
How can i redeploy a release without having to configure space entry in Octopus?

Hi @ernesto,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m afraid the version of the Octopus.client that you are using is not going to be compatible with your customer’s Octopus instance. For an Octopus Server v4.1.9 you’re gonna have to stick to Octopus.Client v 4.47.1 as the highest version possible (which was the last pre-spaces release).

Sorry its not the answer you were looking for. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

Best regards,

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