Recurring scheduled deployments

Hi, the devs here have asked me to setup a recurring deployment of their app to their Test environment which deploys the latest dev build a couple of nights per week.

I have taken a look in Octopus (we are on 3.3.2 atm) and also looked at the 3.4 triggers but I cannot see how, if possible, this would be done?

I considered using the octo.exe tool to deploy via a scheduled task but the release number would be unknown at the time as it needs to be the latest build.

My only alternative I can thing of here, unless Octopus does indeed provide a way, is to write a custom powershell script which can use the REST API to grab the latest successful build to the dev environment and then use the release number from that to call the deploy-release using the octo.exe


Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We have this UserVoice idea to implement recurring scheduled deployments that you can go and put some votes on.

There is currently no other way than writing some custom script/app to use the API to do this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you,