Recommendation for mitigating no IPv6 support?

What’s the recommended way to mitigate issues with IPv6 bindings (see and

We currently specify an arbitrary IPv4 and then change it post-deployment.

Is there any better/recommended alternative?


Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we have no better workaround at the moment than to use IPv4, we made a poor choice in the wire-format for the binding. If this isn’t causing any issues with other applications on the server I’d recommend you stick with that until we can fix

I’ve added this thread as another source to help us prioritize the work.

I hope that helps.

We have a fix for this bug which will shortly go out int 3.2.3. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and your patience as fix it. Hopefully you’ll need no more work arounds!
Once 3.2.3 goes out let us know how the change goes for your build.
Thanks in advance,