Reading task details through API

(Victor Saveanu) #1


I’m trying to query the Octopus API for details about our failed deployments, information that we want to use for both statistical reasons and to “feed” our own dashboard. Most importantly I need to be able to group similar errors together, by their error message, but also taking the deployment step that has raised the error.

So far I’ve been looking at this method: /api/tasks/ServerTasks-520201/details{?verbose,tail}, which gives me most of the information that I need, but in a way that doesn’t allow me to easily process it. It returns data for the GUI, not to be processed for other reasons.

Question is, is there another way to get the information that I need? Based a ServerTaskId, get the a strongly structured description of the process:

  • identifiable nodes, e.g. task, environment, machine, etc.
  • precise status, i.e. which task is waiting for an interruption
  • unprocessed output from that particular point of failure. I know I can read the “raw” version of the log, but AFAIK only for the entire process, which is even harder to process.