Read Only Access

Have there been any problems with Octopus giving read only access after deploying? Everything is working correctly, the website is as required, the database is being set up as it should be, it’s just that the files I am putting in my NuGet package, which includes the database that is set up, are receiving read only access, which is not helpful.

I have been doing this so far with the NuGet Package Explorer. Are there any obvious reasons why this would be happening?

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Best wishes,
Conor Walsh

Hi Conor,

Thanks for getting in touch!
This is really quite strange, we don’t set any permissions like that at all when deploying a package.

Could you try something for me? Could you create a new package and deploy it to a new location and see if that still happens?
Also if your project is within Visual Studio you could attempt to package it up with Octopack and see if it also results in read only file access.
A bit of info about octopack:

Let me know how this turns out.