Read committed Snapshot


I noticed that our Octopus databases have their isolation levels set to Read Committed Snapshot and I wondered if this was correct?

One of the databases had a very long running (4 days) transaction that was causing the version table in tempdb to grow to over 20gb.

Can I safely switch off Read Committed Snapshot?



Hi Alex,

Thank you for getting in touch. We do not support turning this option off. It affects the way transactions are handled in the system and may alter how our concurrency and locking works.

I have looked into it and we do erroneously hold open a transaction and have raised an issue. I’ve fixed the problem and it should be included in either the next release or the one after.

If, after upgrading, the problem does re-occur, please let us know.



Thanks Robert.

Could you tell me how often you publish releases?

Hi Alex,

Usually 2-4 times a week. This bug fix actually managed to get into today’s release (3.8.2), which is now available from our downloads page.