Reaching max email recipients

We upgraded our octopus to v2022.2(build 7462) and can no longer send to a distribution list with the ‘Send an email’ step. Verified this issue with Email to Distribution List
So our work around was to put all of the recipients into the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ field in the step. The issue we’re seeing is that we can’t send to more than 50 recipients, anymore and the step fails. I have checked, it is not an issue with any particular recipient as I’ve been able to send to all of them, through testing, just not all at once. It is also not a timeout issue, as I increased the timeout in the SMTP settings to 1 minute. I would prefer not to have to split the email step into two different steps, is there a way to increase the recipient limit?

investigating further looks like it’s a limitation on AWS SES.

Hey @acrane,

I’m glad you could find the cause of your email limit. I’ve also emailed a short response to the ticket you submitted for this issue to our support email. Let us know if anything else comes up.


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