Re-download packages from the NuGet server from commandline

Hello :slight_smile:
i’m setting up a CI environment were i’d like to redeploy a package multiple times even though it has been updated on the nugget stream. i’d really prefer to not create new package versions at every CI build so i’d like to get octopus to download the package from the stream each time.

there is a button for this in the web ui “Re-download packages from the NuGet server” and it works perfectly, but I have not found a way to achieve this in an automated way.

Alternatively, maybe I can ensure the package hash is different every time, but simply changing the content in the package doesn’t seem to help (or i’m not changing it enough) how is that hash calculated?

I am setting the --force argument and using the latest sources (as of now) of octo.exe by the way :slight_smile:

I’ve just hit this limitation myself. I’m trying to create some tools that co-ordinate automated deployments between Team Foundation Service, Myget and our in-house octopus deploy DEV environment.

I had a quick and very unsuccessful hack at the octo.exe source code and tried to add the “ForcePackageDownload” flag to the JSON that is posted to the api but the server appears to just ignore it. I’ve attached a screen grab of the request and response in fiddler. The server seems to include “ForcePackageDownload”:false in the response however.

Is there currently a way to pass this flag to the server or are there code changes involved?

Hi Graham,

It’s a change we need to make on the Octopus server - I’ll include it in
the next release.


Paul Stovell
Octopus Deploy
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Super responsive as ever Paul. Legend.

I did not see this on the trello discussion, has this been done?