do you have a write up / best practice for seperating Raven from Octopus so you have the DB and the app seperated?

Hi Thom,

We’re starting to recommend against using this configuration, though it can be achieved.

First, Octopus is tested against the internal Raven database; switching to an external version means the version of Raven we’re testing against, and the version being run, won’t necessarily match.

We also use some bundled Raven extensions - unique constraints, encryption and so-on, that need to be installed and maintained by hand in an external server.

Finally, the latency of an external server vs. the embedded one can slow down some app scenarios.

If separating the app and database is unavoidable for you let me know, but if it is possible to avoid it that’s the direction we’d recommend taking.


Ok thank you. I will let you know should the need arise.