RavenDb maximum number of requests


We have encountered a problem with our octopus deploy(2.6.5) that prevents us from saving or updating a project’s steps.
Full stack trace:

Is this a known issue which has been fixed?

Hi Konstantinos,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve been doing some extra research around your problem from the support email you sent in. I hadn’t forgotten or ignored it.
The quick answer is yes, for 3.x we changed from Raven to SQL for this and other similar reasons. It isn’t a straight forward upgrade however due to the db change.

I am trying to figure out a way to get you stable again - if your online now are you up for some email tag? Has the error changed at all?
How busy is your instance right now if we do some activity cleanup?

Let me know!

hey Vanessa, yeah I am available for some chat via email.

Our octopus instance is currently idle, the issue is still happening though when I am trying to edit a step

Just for the record, a server restart followed by a RavenDb re-index fixed the error