RavenDB Credentials

For some reason the user/pass I’ve used to access the RavenDB Management Studio no longer works. Are these credentials the same as the Octopus portal service? If so, there must be another issue because I was able to verify that account. Is there way to recover/reset these credentials? Thanks.

Hi Troy,

RavenDB uses Windows authentication - you’ll need to use the user/pass of a Windows user with local admin credentials on the box that hosts RavenDB.



I’ve tried several user credentials that are related to Octopus/Raven with no luck. The Octopus server authentication method is set to “Username & passwords stored in Octopus database”. We’re not using Windows authentication.

Do the credentials expire? Can we be locked out after multiple login attempts? Is there a way to reset the password?



When you access the Raven server you need to use the credentials of a local Windows (or domain) user that is in the local Administrators group on the on the Raven server (not your Octopus credentials). You may need to log on to the Octopus server to do this.

Let me know if that works for you,


I’m logged into the Octopus Server as an Admin with my domain account. When i go to the raven site, i get prompted for creds and when i enter the exact same i used to log into the windows server, i get prompted back again as if creds were invalid.


If i open the Octopus Manager and then i open RavenDB from there, i can access the DB without having to enter credentials (i guess windows auth works there). So i have no problem accesing RavenDB using localhost.

Problem seems to show up when i access using the FQN of the server and the port (i havent set up a proper DNS name for Octopus yet).

What was the resolution to this issue, we are experiencing the same issue. I need to access remotely because silverlight isn’t installed on the Octopus server. I am only seeing this issue when running the Octopus service under a named account rather than local system.



If you use the credentials of the user the Octopus service is running as, are you then able to access the RavenDB management studio? It should by default accept any users windows credentials as long as they are part of the Administrators group on the server Octopus is running on.

Thank you and kind regards,