Random error when running Get-WmiObject

Hi folks,

We’re attempting to deploy to various 2008 SP2 environments and are encountering a strange error on some servers, but not all. We’re using Get-WmiObject to start and stop the app pool since we can’t get WebAdministration installed on the servers. Part of the script we’re trying to run is as follows:

$PoolNameFilter = "NAME='www.blah.com'"
Get-WmiObject -Namespace 'root\webadministration' -Class ApplicationPool -Authentication 6 -Filter $PoolNameFilter 

The raw log from running this is attached.

It’s strange that this isn’t happening on all servers - and also when we run it from Powershell on the failed servers themselves, it works fine.

Thanks (again!) for your help.

octolog.txt (2 KB)

Oops. We might have found the cause - looks like the Tentacle service on the environments that didn’t work might be running under a non-admin account…