Quick start for using calamari authentication in custom step template

Hi -

im wondering if someone has a quick start example of how to use Calamari’s azure authentication to make a custom step template?

I want to do something with powershell in azure, but I want to use the built in service principle rather than overriding this and using secrets in variables…

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You can create a custom step template that builds from the “Run an Azure PowerShell Script” step (which will include the Azure account dropdown for authentication. eg. for your Azure Management Certificate or Service Principal), then you can add your own custom parameters to this step template.

Would that help do what you’re looking for?



Octopus is currently our deploy & prod app configuration tool of choice for app services, web sites, etc in azure!

Now we need to fit Azure Functions into that paradigm, and we are attempting to utilize the community tool:


We realized that it is not able to do one very important thing: convert the json config files that most developers seem to rely on in azure function development into function configuration elements. These config elements live at the AZURE level as PARAMS to the AZURE FUNCTION its self.

To correctly configure these we need to make azure api calls. It seems like it would be a giant tool failure if we had to create variables with service principle or usernames and log in manually.

It would be super hot if we could do something like declare “hey - instantiate an azure access connection here” in the code and then just start making the calls we need.

I suppose an alternative would be to take the config file, pass it into a local variable, and let the next step perform the configuration - ill see if thats something we know how to do. Then we could use the Run an Azure PowerShell Script step and just consume that data.