Question on 'check health' notification

I have a question on the way the ‘environment’ section works. every once in a while one of my machines in the environment will show that it has an issue, either from being shut down or too little hard drive space or whatever. Is there any chance that i could set up octopus somewhere to send me an e-mail any time one of my deployment machines fails your periodic ‘check health’ call?

Hi Phil,
Unfortunately at the moment there is no in-built mechanism to provide alerts or responses to machines failing the health check.

We do however plan on provide web hooks in a future release which might provide a great callback mechanism to get the feedback you are after. Check out the UserVoice suggestion around this and feel free to add your vote and suggestions around it.

Alternatively you might want to consider putting together a simple PowerShell script that regularly polls the Octopus Deploy API to get the target status. Based on the JSON response, the script can then fire off an email. Remember all the information that you can see in the portal is accessible directly from the server via RESTful calls. Check out our GitHub wiki on the topic

Alternatively if there is a feature you think that would better achieve what you’re after, then please add your own suggestion to UserVoice. Its great ideas from people in the community like yourself that helps us build a better product.
Let me know what your thoughts are on these options.