Question about our production scenario


We are currently deploying using a set of batch scripts that will deploy our application to our production servers.
Can someone please advice what the recomended octopus setup would be for our situation?

We have multiple webservers running behind a loadbalancer:

App01 (e:\Apps\App01)
App02 (e:\Apps\App02)
App03 (e:\Apps\App03)

App01 (f:\Apps\App01)
App02 (f:\Apps\App02)
App03 (f:\Apps\App03)

App01 (d:\Apps\App01)
App02 (d:\Apps\App02)
App03 (d:\Apps\App03)


We would like to for example deploy to all App01 applications on all webservers at the same time.
We would also like to cluster some of our environments so we can update App01 to App10 in one run.

All environments run the same version of the software (but some have slightly different configuration settings)

Can I add multiple environments to one deployment target?


Piet Eckhart

Hi Piet,

Thanks for reaching out. You can totally have one deployment Target in more than one environment. Simply click on the Target on the Environments page, and then add more environments to that Target. Once you save, that target will show up in all those environments.



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