Query on Octopus Deploy life cycles to include same environment as part of multiple life cycle

I got a query from a colleague with regard to modifying a lifecycle.

We have 2 life cycles.
• “4.2 Milestone”
• “4.3 Milestone”

The highlighted UAT43 environment is connected to 22 tenants.

Now we have a requirement to include 4 tenants (out of 22 tenants) only as part of “4.2 Milestone” and the rest of the 18 tenants must continue as part of the “4.3 Milestone” life cycle.

We thought of adding UAT43 as part of both “4.2 Milestone” and “4.3 Milestone” life cycles.

But there is no way to prevent:

  1. The deployments to 4 tenants in UAT43 when the propagation is happening using “4.3 Milestone”.
  2. The deployments to 18 tenants in UAT43 when the propagation is happening using “4.2 Milestone”.

We cannot reconfigure Octopus Deploy to include the 4 tenants under any of the existing labs for “4.2 Milestone” because of the huge effort that is required for the environment setup (not for the Octopus configuration).

Is there an easy way or a way to modify the lifecycle to resolve the issue?

Kind Regards,
Micheal Power

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The only way I can think of to achieve this would be through the use of Channels.

You can specify which Tenants have access to the Releases within a Channel, so, you could split the 4 and 18 tenants between two Channels. And you can select different Lifecycles for each Channel too if required.


Hi @Paul_Calvert,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I will communicate this and see if they can resolve the issue.

Kind Regards,
Micheal Power

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Hi @Paul_Calvert,
The use of Channels will not going to resolve this. I got some feedback from my colleague.

Here we cannot scope this setting per environment.

Hence the same labs will be available\missing throughout all environments in the life cycle that are connected to this channel.

For eg:
If I specify a channel to not to include 4 tenants, then these 4 tenants will not be available throughout all environments (that uses this channel and corresponding life cycle) starting from dev to prod.

In our case, we want these labs to be included\excluded only from UAT43 environment and other environments must remain intact.

Kind Regards,
Micheal Power

That is correct, but, unfortunately, this would be the only way to do this without modifying large parts of your configuration. Such as adding or removing environments from the Tenants themselves.

Hi @Paul_Calvert,
Thanks again for the feedback.

Kind Regards,
Micheal Power

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