Python script to download and upload packages through Octopus APIs

The code below is to download the package and upload the package without saving it to a file. Download the package into memory seems working, but uploading is not working. Can someone help me with it? Also, I may also want to download the package onto a local file and upload it through Python code later.

The swagger API is not clear to me

================== Python code ================

download_response = requests.get(“”, headers=headers)

upload_response =“http://localhost/api/Spaces-1/packages/raw”, files={“upload_file”: download_response.content}, headers=headers)

=================== output =======================

Error code: 400; Reason: Bad Request; {‘ErrorMessage’: ‘There was a problem with your request.’, ‘Errors’: [‘A package file must be provided’], ‘ParsedHelpLinks’: []}
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:/Docs/code/github/octopus-python-client/src/octopus_python_client/utilities/”, line 65, in call_octopus
err=f"Error code: {session_response.status_code}; Reason: "
File “D:\Docs\code\github\octopus-python-client\src\octopus_python_client\utilities\”, line 194, in log_raise_value_error
raise ValueError(err)
ValueError: Error code: 400; Reason: Bad Request; {‘ErrorMessage’: ‘There was a problem with your request.’, ‘Errors’: [‘A package file must be provided’], ‘ParsedHelpLinks’: []}

Process finished with exit code 1

Greetings tonybest! I found an example in C# that may be able to help. Take a gander at and see if that provides some clarification. If not, let me know :slight_smile:

I looked at this C# code yesterday. I like to see a Python example, if possible. Otherwise, I can dive deeper into the C# code. Thanks, Shawn

Hey there Tony! Thank you for bearing with me, I needed to wait until one of the engineers was available and they’re all Australia based. One of the engineers was able to provide the following

import os
import requests

octopus_url = os.environ.get('octopus_url')
octopus_apikey = os.environ.get('octopus_apikey')

package_upload_url = '{0}/api/Spaces-1/packages/raw'.format(octopus_url)

# Octopus API Key Header

headers = {
'X-Octopus-ApiKey': octopus_apikey

# Package to Upload

package = {
'file': open('OctoFX.TradingWebsite.3.5.3047.nupkg', 'rb')

​response =, files=package, headers=headers)

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The code your provided works! I also found out why my code did not work. My headers had {“Content-Type”: “application/json”}. After removing it, my code also works without saving the file locally.

Thank you again! Octopus rocks!

Awesome, glad it worked out for you :slight_smile:

Hi Shawn,

I need more help. By using the script, ZIP files cannot be uploaded.

Error code: 500; Reason: Internal Server Error; {‘ErrorMessage’: ‘Nuspec file does not exist in package.’}

“.nupkg” files can be uploaded though.


In Python, is there a way to specify

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Hi Shawn,

I figured out.

When uploading data from memory (not from a local file), you need to specify the file_name in the payload

upload_response =“http://localhost/api/Spaces-1/packages/raw”, files={“upload_file”: (file_name, download_response.content)}, headers=headers)

Thank you.

Nice! Glad you were able to overcome that :slight_smile:

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