Putting a URL in a variable's label?

I’d like to have a variable that’s a checkbox, which says ‘I’ve confirmed I’ve done XYZ’

That way whenever someone starts a particular runbook in Octopus, they’re reminded & confirm they’ve done ‘xyz’ before they hit run on the Runbook.

Problem is - I’d like to have ‘XYZ’ be a link to the page where they can perform ‘XYZ’.

But it seems the only place I can insert markdown / a link, is in the value textbox - I can’t find a way to put a link in the variable name, control label, control description, etc.

Any workaround?

Hey @ali.akhtar , thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, we don’t support markdown in variable name/label/description fields. You can place the URL, but it will still be a manual copy/paste for the user.

As an alternative, is the XYZ in your process something that can be externally confirmed? If that’s the case, you could make the first step of your runbook confirm the expected behavior before continuing. For example, if it was a runbook for performing server maintenance, the first step could ensure that the server was on, the app pools were stopped, etc. I know this isn’t ideal, but does offer some measure of verification before the runbook run continues!

Let me know if that helps, or if you have any other questions.

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