Pushing a package called example.3.5.1.tar.gz to our dev linux server not getting automatically extracted

I have packed a sample bash script and a template file for the bash script to use when called with parameters into a tar.gz file.
That file is called example.3.5.1.tar.gz, following the required naming convention.
I have pushed that file to out Linux server and I am wondering what happens now. i thought it should be extracted automatically ready for my next step of issueing a bash command?
It does not appear to be getting extracted.
What am I missing.
Any help wil be gratefully appreciated.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! I will need to get a bit more information from you here to better identify what could be going on here. I can give you some notes based on the information you have provided, however I am not certain whether you at the package upload stage, before creating a release and deploying or if you are not sure how to execute the script after you have deployed the package.

If you are stuck during your deployment, would you be able to attach the following:
Full deployment log where you are having this issue. (Instructions on downloading this log)
Screenshots of your deployment process page with your deployment steps.

If you have only just uploaded the package, you will need to create a deployment with a package step the extract the file onto your Linux target. (However it does sound like you have made it this far and are stuck with your deployment) Any further information about your scenario would be helpful here.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to the bottom of this.

Best regards,

So I transfer the package and then in the next step do an extract of the package using a bash script like this:
tar -xzvf MyPackage.1.0.0.tar.gz

Is that what i should be doing or should I be able to get it to extract automaticaly?


Thanks for getting back. This depends on how you would like to do your deployment. We have a documentation page on deploying to SSH targets with quite a bit of handy information. https://octopus.com/docs/infrastructure/ssh-targets

You can manually extract the package after manually transferring it to the target as you already are, or you can use a normal package deployment step, which will automatically extract your package, then run any scripts you require for the package.

Let me know if you have any further questions here, or if you run into any issues.

Best regards,

Hi, thanks Daniel.
It’s getting clearer :slight_smile: