Push packages from jenkins to octopus


we have tried t pus packages ot octopus from jenkins and it was succesful

when we give the cmplete path /location of file where it is present , jenkins fetches it an dpush to octopus built in repository .

But we want to our code to be places in code commit and then push packages from codecommit to octopus via jenkins

as far as i have noticed we have to give only path /location of file in PACKAGE PATHS in push package step in jenkins

instead of giving path of file , we want to give details of files fetched from SCM like GIT/CODECOMMIT


kindly suggest what kind of details can be given in package paths in push package build step of octopus in jenkins

do we need to directly give the path of file (present in jenkins)we need to push in octopus ?

can we fetch code from codecommit and then push that code to octopus via jenkins ?

Hey @kakarlayogitha,

You can find a lot of helpful information regarding Jenkins and Octopus Deploy at our Jenkins related blog posts: Jenkins | Octopus Deploy Blogs.

In particular, the one that may be useful for yourself is Using Jenkins Pipelines.

The above should provide you with all the answers to your questions in a much better fashion than I can explain here!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Kind Regards,

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