Push new release to environment without deploying

Hello All,

Here is the situation which I’m currently trying to find a work around for:

Our plan is, when a new release is ready, spin up some new, empty VM’s which auto register and download the latest release. However, currently before we do this, we need to already have deployed the release to that environment, something we don’t want to have to do.

I can understand the possible reasons for this, why would you want your environment pulling down a deployment if its going to break. However we take everything offline before deployment so it would have an impact. Is there any way anyone has worked around this. My only current solution is have a server, which isnt used, which we push the release to, check its deploying okay, before we spin up the VM’s, however this is additional work.

Secondly to this, if, for example we have 10 servers, 5 spin up and pull down version 1.2. the 6th server spins up but looses connection before completing the deployment, when server 7 spins up, what will happen. From what i can see, it will not auto deploy anything?



Hi Ryan,

Thanks for reaching out!

If you haven’t already read it, I’d suggest you have a read of our guide about Immutable Infrastructure.

Using “auto deploy overrides”, you can tell Octopus to deploy a specific version when Tentacles come online.

Regarding your example where Server 6 fails the deployment, Octopus will err on the side of caution, and stop auto-deploying. It doesn’t know the reason for the failure, so it stops the deployments to ensure that you dont end up trashing the entire environment.

Hope that helps!


That’s exactly what I was after!