Publishing to a specific virtual directory with Azure web apps

Is there a way to specify the virtual directory to deploy to with Azure web app targets? When I deploy from Visual Studio, it uses the DeployIisAppPath property from my .pubxml file; I’m looking to set something similar in Octopus.


Thanks for getting in touch. In Octopus 3.1 (currently in pre-release) we’ve added support for this:

You can get the 3.1 pre-release from this link: . We’re planning to have our first stable release of 3.1 next week.



Thanks for the reply. I have upgraded to 3.1.5, and do not immediately see where I can specify the virtual directory to publish to. Could you point me to some docs that explain how to do this? FWIW, I am not using the “Deploy an Azure Web App” step, I am using the “Deploy a NuGet Package” step, and using an Azure target.



Thanks for reaching out. This feature is only available using the “Deploy an Azure Web App” step in 3.1 (see attached screenshot). Azure targets will eventually get deprecated, so we definitely recommend you to stop using them and move to using the Azure step



Thanks, that is what we have decided to do.