Publishing build information with octo.exe

I’d like to publish build information to Octopus using octo.exe CLI. I can see that it is possible, but requires a JSON file with the build information in it. Is there a spec available for what data is needed in the JSON file to get the build information (i.e., Jira issues) into Octopus?

Hi Christopher,
Thanks for reaching out!

We would generally encourage you to generate the metadata file using one of our Build Server plug-ins, such as TeamCity, whenever possible, but you can certainly generate the metadata file manually if it’s required.
The metadata works with your version control system commits, so you would need a method to pull the required commits for that release out of your VCS, then modify that data into the right shape for the metadata JSON that is then pushed to Octopus. You can see the structure that we are looking for here, and you would also need to ensure that CommentParser is set to Jira.

I’ve added a few other links I thought might be helpful as you work through integrating Jira with Octopus.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, Tina! We’re using GitLab as our CI tool which you don’t have a plugin for, which is why I needed to use the CLI to do so. If there is a better way to do this using GitLab, I’m all ears.

I’ll read through the docs you provided and let you know if I have any questions.

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